Life in mono


I profoundly live street photography, so that I come to love more than the result. I like to capture moments. I like seeing characters in public places and sometimes I press the shutter. To preserve the present. In a currently ongoing “quality” should be, for me, the mission of any photographer.

Time is sacred. Or profane. Profane time is irreversible, while sacred time is reversible. Sacred time is eternal. It is always recoverable because it is cyclic – recurring. In terms of quality, sacred time is superior to profane time.

From my point of view (or rather in terms of my approach to photography) the profane time (specific desecrated our society) can be improved. Photographic time is one: present. Everything that happens to us during life is a succession of present and we can call this sequence as “continuous present”. The present times are the highest quality and we remain so in memory (eg photography), our time is more beautiful, better … If the present is more beautifully photographic kept even our present time may tend to sacred. And this without any religious belief.

A photo is present because every time is seen is perceived differently (even if it is the same photo). Every moment and every viewer, photo will spark another state or – the more better the picture  – a different emotion


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